Bonus Tools



This trial version ( is a full featured version of Kiwi Codes Bonus Tools that will last for 21 days after installation.

Ribbon Settings – View and change the Ribbon Settings.

Window Watcher Settings – View and change the Window Watcher Settings. – Add Revit® Window names you would like to either block and/or report on the windows activation as part of a Company Standard. This tool is primarily used to block/report on “In-place Families” and “Importing of CAD files”.

Family Tracker Window – Lists all Loaded Families and/or Groups in the Project and the date of insert and the date of reload (modification). – From the list, highlight families that are out of date in the project file, reload or repath them.

3d Views for All Levels – Create a 3d View for each level in the Project.

3d Views for Worksets – Create a 3d View for each Workset and hide all other Worksets in the view.

3d View for Selected Elements – Create a 3d View with a Section Box around the currently select elements.

Change Text Case – Change text case between Title, UPPER and lower. This applies to Annotation Text, Model Text, Room Names, Area Names, View Names & View Titles on Sheets.

Dimension List (2014) – Lists all Dimensions within the project.

Create Floors from Rooms – Create Floors using rooms as the perimeter.

Elements on Level – Lists all elements on a selected level.

In-Place Family List – Lists all In-Place Families within the project.

Referencing File List- Lists all Revit, DWG and Image references within the project.

Remove All Views – Removes all views from the Project except for the active view.

Remove Unused Views – Remove unwanted views that causes the file size to bloat.

Section Creator – Creates a perpendicular or parallel section to the selected wall.

Sheet Duplication – Duplicate one or many sheets.

Views to Sheets – Place views on Sheets in bulk.

Topography Surface Edge – Creates Lines around the boundary edges of the select topography in: Plan, 3D or Section.

Swap unwanted Groups out for Families – Use any of the below combinations and more.

Place Points on Topography – Use a Families X and Y location to place Points on a Topography Surface.

Add Points to Topography – Use a Families X, Y and Z location to add Points to a Topography Surface.

Reference Plane List – Lists all Reference Planes in the project.

View Template Map – Lists all view templates, and views using those view templates.(If you would like a stand-a-lone free version of this please contact us.)

Element Selector – By Id – Enter an element Id or element name get the element and choose to delete the found element if wanted.

Setting Out Points – Position setting out points on structural elements in the project. (If you would like a stand-a-lone free version of this please contact us.)

Navisworks to Revit – Convert a Navisworks XML report into clash points and 3D views placed on sheet(s)