revit temporary dimension

do you know how to change the color of dimension? like when you click a duct,it shows you the lengtg and offsets at both ends. currently mine has changed to blue. i dont like it. how can i change it?

هل تعلم كيف نغير  لون البعد المؤقت

مثلا جينما نحدد دكت يريدنا المسافة بين حدين الصاج و البعد يكون بالازرق


Go to the “Menu App” icon and select the “Options” option in the lower right corner.

حسنا من menu app   نختار  option

change the “selection color ”   ,نختار لون التحديد


Revit options

Go to graphic tab to see these options.

Revit selection color

From the “Options” dialog box select the “Graphics” Tab.

Change the Temporary Dimension Text Appearance to a proper text size and change the Background setting to “Opaque”.

   grips and temporary dimension

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