Dulux Colour Atlas Revit® Plugin

اضافة اكثر من 4900 لون

The Dulux ‘Colour Atlas’ plugin for Revit® provides access to over 4600 Dulux Colours including Decorative, Powder Coatings and Protective Coatings without leaving Revit®. By using the ‘Colour Atlas’ plugin for your next project, surfaces in your Revit® project model can be ‘painted’ using the plugin, automatically generating the necessary data to populate specification schedules and takeoffs. Automating the process in this way makes the painting process faster, eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces data entry errors. Painting in Revit® has never been easier. Version 2.0 now includes additional functionality including the capability to paint ‘Split Faces’ and paint surfaces within the Revit® Family Editor. The Dulux ‘Colour Atlas’ plugin for Revit® is available in 32 and 64 Bit options for Revit 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Credit: Dulux Australia


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