Flexstart for AutoCAD®

ادارة اعدادات الاتوكاد

Flexstart for AutoCAD can help you use and manage AutoCAD   in the way that you want: quick, predefined, configurable, with stored settings.

The main features are:

  • Select the AutoCAD version you need
  • Use different “Start in” folders for different configuration
  • Check  a file to check the network-connection (to avoid profile problems)
  • Use all command-line-switches, offered by AutoCAD – but check all settings (scripts, applications) before you start
  • Select a profile, from the local registry or from the ARG-file and with selected priority
  • Save, load, start and delete all the configurations
  • Log every start-command to a file
  • Use features via main-dialogue or via integration into file-extension-menu, file context menu or Send-to



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