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Table Extractor

تصدير الجدول من الاتوكاد للاكسل

Table Extractor is designed to export table from AutoCAD® to Excel worksheet.The table in AutoCAD can be AutoCAD native table or the table drawn with lines and text. 

Key Features

Export the table drawn with lines and text in AutoCAD to Excel.

Export the AutoCAD native table to Excel.

Support for merged cell in AutoCAD.

Support for block attribute in AutoCAD.

Support for MText or more than one text in one cell.

Support for complex table header.

More versatile Table Solutions.

MEP Pipeline Tools

اداة ستوفر لك وقت كثير في التعديل على المواسير و الصاجات في الريفيت

This application is useful when you need to modify Pipes, Ducts and Cable tray systems.You can save a huge amount of time when working on large projects as it will help with the modification of the elevation, splitting and breaking of elements. 

Deleting of Tee fittings is also very flexible and it helps to reduce the rework.

This application provides a set of tools to modify the properties of the pipeline, automatically connect the pipes, and other tools.



FindBlkDup – Find and Isolate Block Duplications

يبحث اذا كان هناك بلوك متكرر في نفس المكان

This application searches the block table and compares it to the current database looking for the number of insertions and any duplications of the selected blocks that are inserted more than once, in the same place and with the same angle.


BlkReplace – Block Definition Replacement

استبدال بلوك بأخر

This application replaces any new block for all selected insertions of any other block. Select the Reset Scale Factor check box to set a new scale factor for the block and use a Global option to update same blocks in the drawing.



تنظيف و مسح الملفات في مجلدات العمل Autodesk® Vault®.


Clean Working Folder is an easy way to delete files from specific folder(s) in the working folders of Autodesk® Vault®.

See detailed information here: http://www.codesystems.fi/products?product=csyscleanworkingfolder



Lighting Analysis

برنامج مجاني و خدمة سحابية  لتحليل الضوء و الطاقة

 كما يقدم خدمة تحليل ضوء النهار الآلي للLEED.



لتبادل الصور و العناصر بين  Google Earth™ and AutoCAD و انشاء  dynamic contour lines and profiles.

CAD-Earth is designed to easily import/export images, objects and terrain meshes between Google Earth™ and AutoCAD® 2007-2016, and create dynamic contour lines and profiles.


You can pick CAD-Earth commands from a toolbar, from the screen menu or at the command prompt. Automatic load of commands in each AutoCAD® session and extensive help in each step.




  • CAD-Earth (Español)

    OS: Windows32And64Language: EspañolImporte y exporte objetos entre Google Earth™ y AutoCAD®
  • CAD-Earth


RushForth Tools 2014

مجموعة من الادوات التى تسهل العمل في الريفيت

مثل ربط الريفيت بالاكسل و التحكم في shared parameters





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