RushForth Tools 2014

مجموعة من الادوات التى تسهل العمل في الريفيت

مثل ربط الريفيت بالاكسل و التحكم في shared parameters



A collection of time-saving tools that have saved hundreds of users thousands of hours by automating tasks and simplifying workflows.




  • Save hundreds of hours
  • Link Autodesk® Revit® to Excel
  • Manage shared parameters
  • Extract Excel data or draw table formatting as drafting view
  • Facilitate 3D section creation
  • Automate project view and sheet setup
  • And much more!




  • Perform advanced filteringof elements by parameter or property values
    ● Synchronize element data withExcel for advanced manipulation, concatenation, and calculations
    ● Find and replace text in parameter values
    ● Edit Key Schedules using Excel
    ● Purge categories or filtered selection out of a model
    ● Insert existing views onto existing sheets by specifying a sheet number in Excel




  • Instantly make families compatiblewith standard schedules and tags by simply selecting your preset parameter list
    ● Import/Exportshared parameters to/from families or projects
    ● Review existing project schedules and automatically add missing shared parameters to scheduled elements
    ● Batch process multiple families
    ● Make downloaded content be compatible with any of your preset schedules
    ● Convert existing family parameters to shared parameters that can show up in schedules and tags




  • Link parameter valuesbetween elements and between linked models
    ● Link detail items on a Revit Diagram to the floor plan equipment they represent
    ● Link non-schedulable parameters and properties to parameters that can be scheduled or tagged
    ● Allows non-licensed users to access the tool and maintain existing links in smart models without having to purchase the software




  • Import Excel tablesinto Revit drafting views preserving fonts and formatting
    ● Manage and update imported Excel tables




  • Quickly create a 3D viewfor a selected region, selected elements, selected level, or the ceiling space of your current level
    ● Show all elements and worksets by default for quick coordination and visualization




  • Automatically create views and sheetsbased on the number of levels in your project and your templates
  • Create dependent viewsfrom scope boxes or matching settings in a linked model
  • Copy elements from linked model: Title blocks, scope boxes, match lines, true north, etc.
  • Create unplaced roomsor placeholder sheetsfrom Excel lists
  • Automatically place new or existing viewsonto desired sheets
  • And more!




  • Automatically place element instances on the walls, ceilings, and floors of multiple spaces in the chosen directions (up, down, left, right, ceiling, floor)
    ● Automatically place element instances around the perimeter of selected spaces at desired intervals
    ● Move selected elements to the closest wall, ceiling, or floor





  • “This tool is amazing. I use it for so many things. By far the best app for RevitI’ve seen. You will make back the money you spent on it the first day you use it. -Frank Moradiellos, ADD Inc
  • “I love this program and if you don’t love it then you haven’t learned what it can do!-Jason Seagle, HDR, Inc
  • BRILLIANT!! Absofreakinlutely brilliant time saver!-Christopher Leachman, COWI
  • “We have used this on a new 60 000 seated stadium to manage all the piling loads (over 4000 piles). It has saved weeks!” -Nick Lancaster, BG&E Australia
  • “Your toolkit is absolutely terrific, and should be required by law.”-Peter Lawton, AEI Engineers
  • “RF tools have practically been my right hand over my last year of Revit use. The Parameter Transformer is worth its weight in gold!-Darrell Warmsley, tk1sc
  • Best add on for Revitout there.” -Nigel Challis, Buro Happold Ltd
  • “They are a real timesaver, and we keep recommendingit to our colleagues.” -David Pezzi, Fenwick Iribarren Architects



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