KozMos AnnoSuite

أداة قوية في تعديل خصائص ومحتويات الشروح أوتوكاد مثل TEXT، Mtext الخاص، ATTRIBUTE وACDB TABLE.

AnnoSuite is a powerful tool in modifying the properties and contents of AutoCAD® annotations such as TEXT, MTEXT, ATTRIBUTE and ACDBTABLE.

 AnnoSuite contains two commands focusing on the properties and content modification of annotations. AnnoSuite can process nested attributes as well as normal annotations and can modify nested annotations without exploding the parent block.

 AnnoSuite is shareware and locked by RegisterShell for VLDCL in 30-days-trial mode. The products can run in trial mode with full functions for 30 days after the first calling date. The only inconvenience is that the RegisterShell will appear each time invoking the products. After the expiration date, the products will be locked permanently and only registration can activate it again. The registration will disable the compulsory appearance of RegisterShell.


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