Proplanner Flow Planner

مخطط تدفق على الاتوكاد

Flow Planner is designed for engineers responsible for industrial or commercial facilities with extensive material and/or people flow. Designed by industrial engineers, for industrial engineers, Flow Planner provides a quick and painless way to diagram and quantify the flow of people and materials within any AutoCAD® layout drawing. Since it is hard to reduce, or eliminate what you can’t see, Flow Planner helps you visualize the flow. This visual analysis will be an invaluable tool in any process improvement team’s arsenal against waste.

Working within AutoCAD, Flow Planner automatically generates flow diagrams and calculates statistics such as travel distance, time and cost. These flow statistics can be output to reports, and spreadsheets or pasted into any MS Windows compatible application. With variable-width flow lines color-coded by people, part or material handling method, users quickly see how layouts should be arranged and where excessive people and material handling should be eliminated from the process. The ultimate result is a smooth flow with less waste!

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