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Setout Point Coordinate

X, Y, and Z coordinates للعناصر



This App allows the scheduling of X, Y, and Z coordinates of any given point of a site, project, building, an object or an element.

You place instances of a “Setout Point Marker” family to the points where the coordinates should be exported and scheduled. This family definition contains shared parameters to hold the data required for scheduling.

The app will then automatically extract the relevant X, Y & Z coordinates of given points from the model and populate the “Setout Point Marker” families parameters with the value. They can be formatted and placed on a drawing sheet.


This app provides a 15 days trial period with full functionality.





ربط و دمج اكثر من  shared parameters

A simple and effective tool that will enhance your productivity particularly when working with office templates and creating families, saving you hours of work.

This app allows you to bind multiple shared parameters to a Project or Template file, in one go. It also allow’s multiple shared parameters to be bound to a family either as a shared or a family parameter.

It also automatically highlights any parameters within your shared parameters file already bound to the active document by comparing their GUID.


Autodesk App Store.

تحويل خرائط جوجل الى مبني داخل الريفيت

Google Maps + Autodesk Memento = 3D Model


الفكرة بساطة  افتح جوجل ماب او اي خدمة مشابهه

التقط صور للمبني ثلاثي الابعاد

ادخلهم على برنامج


يمكنك من البرينامج التصدير الى الريفيت

mesh to an RCP (Reality Capture Project)


سلاسل محاضرات في البيم

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تصحيح الاخطاء في القواعد الانجليزية

موقع افادني في مراجعه ما اكتبه بالانجليزيه بدل الفضايح 🙂



برنامج رسم على الايباد رائع كانة ورقة يمكك الرسم بالقلم و المسطرة و المثلث



RPC Plug-ins

ادراج اشكال و اشخاص RPC داخل الريفيت و الماكس و الاتوكاد و الفوتوشوب


Content Header


The following RPC Plug-ins are installed via ArchVision Dashboard





RPC Enabled (already to go!) or installed via vendor service packs





testing COBie files…


In conjunction with @cornhenge we have created a FREE sample architectural COBie model.http://prairieskyconsulting.com/testing.htm

Load Content 2016

متصفح لمكتبة الفاميلي للريفيت و ادراجة بالمشروع


The Software.

  • Is intended to simplify “content load and insert” into Autodesk® Revit® models.
  • Combines drag and drop from “Project Browser” with “Load Family” from Revit ribbon into one interface.
  • Features content list filter and sorting functions. Filter settings are stored between sessions.
  • Features drop down list with your favorite content folders.
  • Displays preview image and selected content data.

Autodesk App Store.

infraworks 360

ان شاء الله نبدأ سويا رحلة ال infraworks 360

مع خالص الشكر لاستاذي المهندس ايمن قنديل و ملتقى الدارين

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