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هناك مشكة عند حذف shared parameter ثم عمل parameter جديد بنفس الاسم

هذه الاداة تحل المشكلة


A simple and effective tool that will enhance your productivity particularly when working on office templates and creating families.


Have you ever been in the situation where you removed a shared parameter from an Active document only to find when you added the same parameter with a new name the old name annoyingly re-appeared? Or have you ever created a parameter with a certain GUID and needed to go back and change the properties (perhaps it was mistakenly created with the wrong data type) only to find it can never be corrected?


This App allows you to truly purge the bound shared parameter from an Active document, thus allowing the newly named parameter to be added.


You can also load your shared parameter file into the App to ease the identification of any shared parameters not already bound to the Active document, potentially saving hours of work.

Autodesk App Store

Convert Wire Size (AWG to MM) Add-in

التحويل من American Wire Gauge الى square millimeters.

The tool is designed to convert a wire size from American Wire Gauge to square millimeters.

Autodesk® Revit® generates the wire size with AWG and this tool converts the AWG wire size to mm and place the value in the shared parameter under the circuit.

Autodesk App Store.

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