Advance PowerPack 2016 R2 For Revit

اضافة للريفيت تعطيه ما يقارب اربعين اداه جديدة مثل

  • Watermark Manager – Protect Revit families with a copyright watermark and password
  • Window tool – tile and cascade windows and fully control your display and model views
  • Bending Detail – Automatically create rebar shape details for multiple rebar at the same time
  • Rebar Set – Explode, isolate, split and unite rebar sets as required
  • Rebar Visibility – Change the view’s visibility; show/hide reinforcement bars and 3D views
  • Rebar in Element – Copy or delete selected elements or entire reinforcements
  • Check out the full range of new reinforcement tools below


GRAITEC PowerPack for Autodesk® Revit®

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