Victaulic Launches Add-in for Autodesk® Revit® MEP

مجموعة من الادوات و الفيتنج لمهندسي الالكتروميكانيكل من شركة Victaulic

Pipe Splitting: Automatically splits pipe into predetermined minimum and maximum lengths and joins the pipe sections with the specified coupling as the user routes.

Rotate Selection: Rotates selected portions of the model at a specified angle within the 3D view. Resize Selection: Changes the size of all components in a selected area with a single click. Delete Pipe: Deletes a selected pipe and connects the system fitting to fitting, while ensuring proper connection points.

Pipe/Custom Tagging: Automates tagging, placing custom tags on pipe and components within the model. Family Lookup: Exports and imports lookup tables being used by the currently open family.

Directory Lookup: Scans family directories and imports and exports all lookup tables within all families.

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