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كلام مجانين أضرب لك سيفي


 موقع لكتابة كود البيم بقطر

Q-BIM is established to promote opportunities to support, connect and grow BIM guidelines, through lobbying, mentoring, networking, strategic alliances, and developing and recognizing excellence in BIM.

Revit 1.0

uk standard code for BIM


UKstandards‘ and important guidance documents that relate to BIM

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FormIt 360 Major Update – Gets Windows Desktop App, and Dynamo!


Autodesk FormIt 360 website.


Free Kubity Exporter – Revit Models to Virtual Reality with One Click




  Kubity- screenshot

Get the free Kubity app for iPhone/iPad:

& for Android:

Batch Rename Views Add-in

تغير اسماء الفيوهات بسرعة مثل اضافة حرف


Autodesk App Store.

Batch Duplicate Views Add-in

تكرار الفيوهات بالمشروع


Autodesk App Store.

Free Technische Unie BIM Addin


With this addin your engineering environment will be complete. Technische Unie is completing the I of Information within BIM. This addin will enrich Technische Unie product information into the model.

Here a partial list of what you can expect from the addin:

  • Include Technische Unie product numbers
  • Include Technische Unie technical product information
  • See the current stock in our central warehouses
  • See the current stock in your own sales office
  • See your own prices
  • Use our search engine to include products in the model

Autodesk App Store.

Ge-Terrain Add-in for Revit

ادخال جغرافيا الارض المحيطة داخل الريفيت

Among Ge-Terrain features there is the most innovative use of Google Elevation Service which provides the most accurate information regarding all points elevation. This software enables users to create Topographic surfaces in Autodesk® Revit®.


Ge-Terrain makes the most innovative use of the Google Elevation Map Service to obtain the altitude information, all points elevation, more accurately.

Autodesk App Store.


تحويل BCF2PDF


This project provides conversion/rendering of a BIM Collaboration Format (BCFZIP) file exported from Tekla BIMSight and similar applications to a PDF report. It can be useful in several ways, such as:
1) sending someone a PDF report instead of BCF file.
2) Print a hard copy of BCF report for signoff
3) Review BCF content quickly without installing or launching any BIM software

BCF2PDF download |

Duct Weight Add-in


حساب وزن الدكت بالريفت

This tool is designed to weigh the Ducts in the project and extract the weight of each one.

This helps the designers to calculate the Duct weight .This enables the users to produce more accurate design.


Autodesk App Store.

Free CADTracer

استبدال خطوط الاتوكاد

و وضع خطوط ريفيت بدلها


Autodesk App Store.

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