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New COBie for Navisworks tool now available

COBie  صيغة لادارة المنشاة اثناء التشغيل







ArchSmarter’s Power-Pack for Revit

مجموعة ادوات تسهل العمل في الريفيت

كتغيير الاسماء و تبديل الفونت و عمل شيتات

ArchSmarter Power-Pack

ArchSmarter website.

Free Export Schedules Macro

تصدير الاسكدول الى csv



Need to export your Revit schedules to Excel? Use this macro to quickly export several schedules at one time. Simply specify the export folder then choose the schedules you want to export. The macro saves the schedules to the specified folder using the schedule name as the filename.

Export Schedules_1

The macro will alert you once the schedules have exported.

Free FilterMore Add-in

عمل Filter بخصائص اكثر دقة


Autodesk App Store.

Free Purge Views Macro

الغاء chedules, sheets, and views

Purge Views  


Delete all schedules, sheets, and views in the current model file


Purge Views_1



انشاء Workset بسهولة و يسر



Autodesk App Store.


انقل ما تريد من مشروع لاخر

Tired of all or nothing regular transfer standards? With Transfer Single you will be able to transfer just one item of most of the standards, event to multiple files at one time! Also you will be able to copy additional elements like views, printing setups, section boxes; worksets… even legends with contents!


Autodesk App Store.

Revit Lookup 2017 Installer

حمل من هنا




DwgNotes اضافة ملحظات على ملف الاتوكاد تظهر عند فتحه



اخيرا صدر الاركيكاد الاصدار 20


My Favorites 2016 Basic

تحديد عدد من لفاميلي المفضلة كثيرة الاستخدام  لتكون سهله التحميل

Autodesk App Store.

Our My Favorites (Basic) application will allow you to save your most used families to the Autodesk® Revit® Add-ins ribbon giving you quicker access and improving your content creation times.

No more searching and scrolling through the project browser for your most used families.

Once the app is installed, you will be able to:

  • Assign families to your My Favorites ribbon (system or non-system families).Basic version is limited to assigning five families to the ribbon.
  • Assign custom naming and descriptions to each family button.
  • Assign custom graphics icons to each family button using the default .rfa image, a custom image such as a JPG, JPEG, etc. as well as taking a screen capture of any image on your screen.
  • Assign a keyboard shortcut to each of the five families.
  • Once the family is assigned, that family will automatically load into your projects when picked from the My Favorites ribbon.
  • Now that you have your My Favorites setup, you can quickly access your families from the ribbon or using the keyboard shorts that you assigned.

GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Revit.

مجموعة ادوات مساعدة داخل الريفيت

Figure 4. GRAITEC PowerPack ribbon.

GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Revit.

The Building Coder Samples 2017

The Building Coder samples in Revit 2017

ادوات مفيدة و معها الشفرة الكود لمن يرغب في تعلم البرمجة



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