V-Ray 3.40.01 3ds Max


  • Add support for 3ds Max 2017 including support for Physical Material, support for MultiTile in V-Ray RT, support for ColorMap in V-Ray RT, initial HiDPI scaling support within VFB
  • Enable GI by default
  • Add another deep output fragment merge mode, "None", where fragments are not merged at all
  • Add "layers" type to override material exclude list
  • Add refraction filter bake element
  • Lower tessellation rate for out-of-view hair and displaced/subdivided geometry to save RAM in heavy scenes
  • Move the VRayHDRI's Tiled textures options from the material editor's interface to the V-Ray's Settings tab
  • Print a warning if "Show GI only" is enabled


  • Implement a new render element that contains a denoised version of the image:
    • The Denoiser can take advantage of hardware acceleration
    • The denoised result can be adjusted after a render is complete
    • The denoised result is updated periodically during progressive rendering
    • The render elements required by the denoiser are automatically added


  • A new command-line tool for denoising still images and animations with frame blending

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