حل متكامل من التصميم إلى وضع جدول زمني لبيانات التصنيع باستخدام الحاسب الآلي CNC


hsbtimberonrevit provides a universal integrated solution from design to scheduling to CNC data with basic shop.


Key features

A hsbfabrication model based on Autodesk® Revit® beams to assist in the visualisation of complex geometry with tools, providing an accurate representation of the final production.

Full functionality support of CNC interfaces for the beams

Autodesk Revit beams will adapt on tools you apply to the hsbfabrication model.

Autodesk Revit beams will maintain their full functionality when applying the hsbfabrication model (scheduling, export etc.)

hsbfabrication model can be applied to beams created with third party apps and the open source dynamo.

Customisable basic shop drawings using hsbExporter

Add tools to every part of the construction and export to a required format.

Contains tools such as: Junctions: dovetail, tenon, slots, drills, convex/concave, chamfer …

Use Autodesk Revit commands such as: split-, join-, stretch-, cut- beams, …

Use edges and surfaces of roofs/floors/walls to create beams

Intelligent position numbering on Beams

The data (or a selection of it) that you develop with hsbtimberonrevit can be exported to CNC information (Hundegger, Weinman, …)


Basic shop drawings in a customisable manufacturing format with hsbExporter.


hsbrevitontimber is a limited yet fully functioning trial app that allows the user to explore the possibilities of hsbtimber on Revit but limits the user to creating 20 beams or utilising 60 tools on each project and then will be provided with an opportunity to upgrade to the premium version. CNC output is an optional premium requirement.

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