3DPDF Exporter for Revit®



3DPDF Exporter For Autodesk® Revit® exports solid and wire bodies to a 3D PDF file.
It has following features:-
1. Supports body and face level colors.
2. You can set a password on the exported PDF file.
3. Option to control the file size and quality by specifying precision value.
4. There is always a default compression which helps reduces the file size as much as possible.
5. Supports Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

We are providing 10 trials of the plugin in which you can use full set of features without any limitations. You will need to activate this plugin after using it 10 times.
The paid version cost of this product is 149 USD.
For activation, please contact 3DPDFForRE@ProtoTechSolutions.com

Version History Released date: 20-Oct-2016
1. Feature: Added ability to export Revit Link model. Released date: 05-Oct-2016
1. Supported Revit version 2017.
2. Feature: Option to disable measurement tool in exported 3D PDF. This helps protect your model IP.
3. Feature: Option to add external files of any format(e.g. quotation, specs etc.) as attachments in exported 3D PDF.
4. Fixed: Problem of colors not getting exported for some models.
1. Greatly simplified license activation process.
Please note: Existing customers who have already activated the product will have to contact our support to request for a key for reactivation after installing this update.
1. Fixed issue with license activation.
1. Added support for hierarchical model tree into PDF.
2. Added export of property information for every element.
3. Fixed: Measurement units now reflect correctly.
4. Fixed: Accuracy of element selection in exported PDF model.
1. Supported Revit version 2016.
1. Enhanced: Reduction is output file size by magnitudes (by 10+ times).
2. Fixed: Transformation for wire bodies.
1. Added instancing support (reduces exported file size).
1. Fixed: User who have different local settings (e.g. comma character as decimal separator) can now export valid PDF files.
1. Supports colors.
2. Supports wired bodies.
3. Creates encrypted and secured pdf files.
4. Provides 10 trials.

We are not supporting textures in this version.

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