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تحدث مع اوتوديسك

خدمة العملاء في اوتوديسك تطورت و اصبح الرد من خلال ريبورت اسمه Otto في مرحلة تجريبية بالتعاون مع  IBM Watson 

يمكنك ان تسئل و تحصل على رد فعلي لكن حتى الان محدود

How it Works

When a customer or partner needs help with a subscription activation request, they are connected to Otto via Autodesk’s online support channel. Otto starts by handling requests for activation codes via a combination of natural language processing and business web services. The web services validate the customer owns the license and then automates the back-office transactions required to generate a new activation code. As the project expands, Otto will use machine learning to handle increasingly complex customer requests and allow Autodesk to continue to reduce resolution times, scale seamlessly as volume grows, and provide round-the-clock customer and partner service.

“People today expect instant, seamless customer service. Autodesk recognizes that each touchpoint with a customer is an opportunity to meet that expectation and, with Otto and Watson, they’re able to deliver a top notch end user experience while also improving their operations,” said Beth Smith, general manager, offerings & technology, IBM Watson.

Watson’s natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning technologies help Otto understand the intent of customer questions and quickly return high-confidence answers. In the training and development process, Autodesk fed historical data from chat logs, use cases and forum posts into Otto to help ensure it can understand and respond to a wide range of customer queries. As the program expands, Autodesk will rely on a core group of top customer service and technical experts to continually add new domains of expertise within Otto utilizing supervised training of techniques.


بعض الحيل لتسريع الريفيت
●اعتمد قاعدة ) KISS (Keep it simple, stupid أجعل التصميم سهل، بسيط وغير معقد

●تقسيم المشروع إلى ملفات مستقلة مرتبطة ببعضها كـ LINK مثلا )معماري – إنشائي – تكييف – صحي) أو أجزاء ، مثلا في مشروع مول قطر قمنا بتقسيمه إلى 12 جزء، كل جزء بملف مستقل

●فصل أي جزء ثقيل إلى ملف مستقل مثل التسليح أو الواجهة

        ●إحذف من المشروع أي فاميلي قمت بتحميلها ولم تستخدمها Continue reading →

ادارة معلومات البناء
قدَّر معهد صناعة البناء) Construction Industry Institute) نسبة النفايات والأعمال غير الفعاَّلة بحوالي %57 من تكلفة البناء والتشييد، كما قدَّر أيضاً تكلفة عدم وجود توافق بين برمجيات قطاع العمارة، الهندسة والتشييد Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC بقيمة 15.8 مليار دولار في جميع المجالات على مدى السنوات السابقة لإعتماد حلول برمجيات قابلة للتبادل. كان يمُكن استخدام هذه الأموال في جعل المشاريع أكثر كفاءةً واستدامة، فقط لو تم استثمارها في تدريب الموظفين وبناء التقنيات الجديدة. لهذا كانت صناعة البناء في انتظار منهجية نمذجة معلومات البناء ،وفي حاجةٍ ماسة له.

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BIM/GIS Integration to Improve Collaboration in Railway Projects

برجاء المشاركة في الاستبيان
Please, I would like to invite you to a survey provided in the link below.
I will tend to not take more than 20 min.
Please, can you kindly pass it to your friends? I will be very grateful.


Dear Participant,

The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide a review of the current status of integrating BIM (Building Information Modelling) with GIS (Geographic Information System) in railway projects. The results obtained from this questionnaire will be used as a part of a PhD study, at Loughborough University supervised by Dr. Peter Demian and Prof Tarek Hassan, that aims to develop a framework to improve collaboration in the design stage of railway projects.

Your participation is voluntary. This questionnaire is intended to not take more than 20 minutes.

This research in being conducted in compliance with Loughborough University’s research ethics policy and all information will be handled in confidence.

Thank you for taking the time to assist the researcher in her research. You have the opportunity to leave contact details at the end of this questionnaire to be sent a report of the results or to be engaged in subsequent phases of data collection.

If you require additional information or have questions or comments, please contact the researcher at the number or the email listed below.

Sahar Kurwi


Mobile telephone: +44 7491138359


%d مدونون معجبون بهذه: