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قراءة بيانات المشروع  AutoCAD Plant 3D داخل النافيسوركس و قبوله على parts

This app reads the project information and then applies it to any parts found in the current model. The data is written to the properties, so that the project database does not have to be supplied with a published Autodesk…

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Equipment Properties

عرض المعلومات و الخصائص و تحميلها من  BIM 360 Field. الى النافيسوركس

The Autodesk® BIM 360 solution enables model objects to be identified as Selection/Search Sets (Navisworks) or Equipment Sets (BIM 360 Glue). When these models are shared with BIM 360, these sets can be mapped to Equipment records, to track the physical assets during construction.


The Equipment Properties Add-in enables data such as Serial Numbers, Installation Dates and Status to be downloaded from BIM 360 Field. Visible in Autodesk® Navisworks®, equipment data can then be used to accurately visualize construction progress.


Please Note: Requires Navisworks 2016 (SP2, SP3 or SP4) or Navisworks 2017.

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Smart Plant 3D Loader for Navisworks

اداة لتحميل  Intergraph SmartPlant 3D (.vue) files. داخل النافيس وركس





انشاء ملف nwc تلقائيا 


NWCAutoViewExporter @ GitHub

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New COBie for Navisworks tool now available

COBie  صيغة لادارة المنشاة اثناء التشغيل

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BIMCAVE Custom Parameter


Custom Tab and Custom Property with values can be added to multiple selected elements. You may select elements manually, Selection Sets, Search Sets, Selection Tree, Find Item or similar.



  1. Select the model Elements
  2. Enter the new “TAB NAME”
  3. Enter the new Parameter Name and Value
  4. Select if you want Existing TAB to Remain or Delete

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Navistools Center Views

انشاء Viewpoints تلقائي

By using the Center Views plugin you can create Saved Viewpoints automatically based on the existing search or selection set. Saved Viewpoints are named according to user settings and they are created the way that the camera is positioned in the center point (z-coordinate = eye level) of each of the model items included in the search/selection set.

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فتح الرينيو بالنافيسوركس

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خصائص اضافية لقائمة الخصائص بالنافيسوركس

The Properties+ plugin allows you to select just the model properties you are interested in, and displays them all together in the same window. So you no longer have to switch between tabs to see the properties you want to. You can also use the plugin to quickly create searches for items with matching properties.

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navisworks batch utility

اداة مفيدة داخل النافيسوركس لتكرار عمليات مثل تحويل عدد من املفات الى ملف nwd

You can use the Batch Utility to run and schedule the following commands:

  • Create a list of all design files in the currently open Autodesk Navisworks file.
  • Append multiple design files into a single NWD or an NWF file.
  • Convert multiple design files into individual NWD files.
Attention: You can use any of the currently supported file formats when you append or convert files with the Batch Utility. However, if you use any published NWD files as input, they must have been created with the May Be Resaved option selected, otherwise when you run the Batch Utility, no NWD output files can be saved. It is still possible to create an NWF output file.

All events can be recorded in a log file.

last navisworks 23x you can download from here



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Autodesk®Navisworks® 2016 Service Pack 4

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