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Export schedules

تصدير الجداول الي الاكسل مباشرة بدل txt ثم تحويلها

The plug-in Export schedules allows you to export, among the schedules created in the Autodesk® Revit® project, schedules to Excel.

Export schedules

Export schedules



ReviPAD is a small innovative application that turns iPhone into an intuitive remote controller for all types of Autodesk®Revit®.

يمكنك من خلال الموبايل التحكم في الموديل الموجود على الريفيت  و عمل تقريب و استدارة 

The application allows you to remotely zoom, pan and rotate a model which makes it a powerful tool for architects, construction engineers or MEP engineers presenting their design work to various audiences.

The full version of ReviPAD and its free version with limited functionality ReviPAD lite are available directly from iTunes:

RFO Ribbon Addin

مجموعة من الاوامر المفيدة مثل تحديث ملف الريفيت الي الاصدار الحالي

محاذاة النصوص

اعادة الترقيم

Tools4Revit Smart Walls

اداة قوية لتعامل مع الحوائط فيمكن مثلا تقسيم الحوائط و جعل كل طبقة حائط منفصل

تقسيم الحائك حسب خطوط grid

  • Decomposes Wall layers to separate wall types by user predefined configuration.
  • Ability to fully control joins and gap distances between walls.
  • Inserts Gravity Center Point to the selected walls.
  • Renumbers walls in different ways.
  • Splits walls by grids.New Feature!
  • User can filter and find any parameter by its name.New Feature!

REX ReviTools

REX ReviTools is an extension for the Autodesk Revit software platforms that offers a range of smart features that makes everyday work with Autodesk Revit software smoother and allow a user to get more done in less time.

مجموعه ادوات كويسة مثل عمل precast elements و عمل جداول بها خصائص اضافية

اضافة محدد  dimansion للاعمدة و القمرات حتي يمكن حساب المجموع
This add-on simplifies:

  • drawing generation of precast elements (viev definition and arrangement on a sheet)
  • schedule generation of precast elements (additional filters)
  • geometry dimensioning and verification (additional shared parameters)
  • generation of documentation in the DWG files

REX Piles

REX Piles is an extension for Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis that allows more effective analysis and design of structures partially or completely supported on piles. Thanks to quick and simple including of elastoplastic pile-soil interaction, a user can analyze structures supported on piles in a more precise and cost-effective way.\h

اداة ل Autodesk® Robot تسمح لك بتحليل انشائي اقوي ل piles و اكثر فاعليه

REX Heat Load

REX Heat Load is an add-on that extends use of the Autodesk Revit MEP software. The extension enables calculation of design heat losses and design heat loads in accordance with EN 12831.

By default, design in Autodesk Revit MEP is based on the ASHRAE standards. Thus results of heat loads calculation differ significantly to those based on EN 12831.

Therefore, where accordance with European codes is required, values calculated with REX Heat Load can be used for design of heating systems in buildings – e.g. to select appropriate mechanical equipment as radiators, boilers, etc. and then implement them into the Autodesk Revit MEP model.

Moreover, calculation results received with REX Heat Load are saved in the Autodesk Revit MEP model and can be used later e.g. for schedules or space tags.

اداة تساعدك في تصميم المنشأة و تكييفها و حساب الاحمال الحرارية حسب EN 12831


Export to ETABSre

Export to ETABS

Nasser’s Tools are custom plug-ins created to enhance Autodesk® Revit® Integration with the Structural Analysis Software ETABS. This plug-in also has some other functions which structural engineers would find useful.

 اداة مجانية للتصدير من الريفت الي etabs

Here are some of the Tool’s Features:

The following elements will be exported to ETABS (as a *.e2k file):

  • Columns
  • Braces
  • Beams
  • Walls
  • Slabs
  • Slab Openings
  • Grids
  • Levels
  • Rigid Links


  • If the Script does not recognize the Section Family, it will export it as a null element which can later be edited in ETABS.

  • You have the option of rotating (about the Global Z Axis) your analytical model in Revit when exporting to ETABS (without changing your Revit model’s geometry).

  • The tool is a one way tool and cannot be used to reimport your ETABS model back into Revit.

  • You have the option of exporting All Elements, Selected Elements or Selected Work sets.


SupportAndHanger tool provides you a quick and easy way to layout supports and hangers. It applies to all MEP curves including pipe, duct, cable tray and conduit.

 لعمل الخوامل و الدواعم للموسير و الصاج , cable tray

It has following features:

  1. Support all MEP curves (Pipe/Duct/Cable Tray/Conduit)
  2. Manual layout support or hanger

  3. Delete support and hanger on selected MEP curves

  4. Split MEP curves for a fixed length

  5. Support to use customized support or hanger

  6. Automatically layout support or hanger

  7. Support two methods of auto layout

  8. Support position update when host curve moves

  9. Support elevation update when host elevation changes

  10. Support geometry update when host size changes

The first five functions are free, and the last five need to purchase a license. However they are all available during the trial period which is 30 days after you install.

Tool demo:

Wiki help:


tools4revit Smart Sprinkler

Powerful Autodesk® Revit® MEP extension that allows to easily plan sprinkler’s location in the BIM model and automatically routes pipes from sprinklers to the distribution pipes.

يعطي قوة لمن يعمل اfire figting على الريفيت و يسهل التوزيع (منتصف الغرفة , او بنسبة x,y) و توصيل المواسيير بين الرشاشات



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