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FormIt 360 Major Update – Gets Windows Desktop App, and Dynamo!


Autodesk FormIt 360 website.


Free Kubity Exporter – Revit Models to Virtual Reality with One Click




  Kubity- screenshot

Get the free Kubity app for iPhone/iPad:

& for Android:

Batch Rename Views Add-in

تغير اسماء الفيوهات بسرعة مثل اضافة حرف


Autodesk App Store.

Batch Duplicate Views Add-in

تكرار الفيوهات بالمشروع


Autodesk App Store.

Free Technische Unie BIM Addin


With this addin your engineering environment will be complete. Technische Unie is completing the I of Information within BIM. This addin will enrich Technische Unie product information into the model.

Here a partial list of what you can expect from the addin:

  • Include Technische Unie product numbers
  • Include Technische Unie technical product information
  • See the current stock in our central warehouses
  • See the current stock in your own sales office
  • See your own prices
  • Use our search engine to include products in the model

Autodesk App Store.

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